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Welcome to Significanz

Significanz is founded by me, Stinne Madsen. On this website you can read more about my approach to executive coaching and how I use the experience of being outdoors as part of the coaching experience. You can find more about how I work with integrated leadership and the special focus areas cross culture integration and mergers & acquisitions integration.

Read more about me here and reach out if you would like to explore how I may help you with your specific needs. You will find the contact info in the footer.

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About me

I hold a Master Degree in economics, law and sociology and a degree in psychotherapy. I have worked as an executive coach for more than 15 years in various corporate settings all over the globe. This has provided me with a broad range of relevant business and personal competencies. Having held positions as country manager of Ireland and the UK, Head of HR Europe in both pharma and tech companies, I have gained a broad insight in complex and diverse value chains and business settings. I have worked with more than 50 different companies and clients since 2001.

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