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A clouded summer sky with the title integrated leadership

Integrated Leadership

Integrated Leadership is a leadership approach that emphasizes the importance of integrating elements of leadership, such as strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, ethics and communication skills. It recognizes that effective leadership requires a holistic approach that takes into account not just the skills and abilities of the leader, but also the organizational culture, the stakeholders' needs, and the broader societal context.

Integrated leadership also emphasizes the importance of collaboration and inclusiveness, recognizing that effective leadership requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders and the ability to navigate complex relationships and power dynamics. This approach often involves building diverse teams, fostering a culture of transparency and trust and creating opportunities for open dialogue and feedback.

​In today's fast-changing and interconnected world, where leaders are required to navigate complex challenges that require a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach, the ability to work from a place of integration and integrity is of the essence. By adopting an Integrated Leadership approach, leaders can develop the skills and perspectives needed to build resilient organizations that are capable of adapting and thriving in a rapidly changing environment.

The ability to create and sustain psychological safety, lead and make decisions from a place of authenticity and instigate a sense of belonging towards both the purpose, the teams and the individuals working towards common goals, are some of the cornerstones in Integrated Leadership.


It is my personal experience as a leader and coach that this holistic approach is the most sustainable way of achieving long term results.

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