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A coastline with the title mergers and acquisitions

M&A integration

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be an effective strategy for growing both the top and bottom line by expanding portfolios, segments and geographical footprint. Companies consolidate to remove excess capacity, increase market access and acquire technology more efficiently. 

Culture is a crucial aspect of the merger-and-acquisitions work. One often postponed too far down the line. It plays a crucial role in a deal’s success or failure - both in the early due diligence phase as well as at the later integration work. I can help you outline your integration process on the human side, suggest key actions and support you in designing and running integration workshops.

We will be looking at both the strategic levers, the embedded cultural foundation as well as the necessary immediate collective culture approach needed to ensure the M&A investment. There is no such thing as an equal merger - hence artefacts, routines, urban myths, best practices, sense of belonging and psychological safety are some of the areas we will bring into the integration solution.

When the cultural integration is professionally designed, well thought through and carried out with clear focus on the right steps, valuable time is saved, key employees easier retained and the productivity in this key phase will be enhanced. 

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