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Cross Culture Integration

Cross-culture may be the number one most important skillset to master as individuals and organizations in today's globalized world, where people from different cultures are increasingly interacting with each other. Talents can be sourced everywhere, and a much larger mix of individuals with different sets of assumptions, norms and anticipation of what a value creating collaboration looks like, must co-create the solutions for the future. We need to work on understanding and respecting the differences and similarities between cultures and find ways to communicate and work effectively across those differences bringing the purpose of the business into the center of this work.

We will need to co-create non-negotiables and raise the knowledge and ability to leverage cultural differences as a business asset.

The BIG 5

The five most important areas of cross-culture to work with in a corporate setting are communication, leadership, teamwork, diversity, and etiquette/norm:

Effective communication is essential to ensure that everyone understands each other and can work together efficiently.

Leadership styles can vary across cultures, so it is important to understand and adapt to these differences.


Teamwork is also crucial and it is essential to build trust and respect among team members from different cultures.


Diversity awareness is another important area and companies should provide cross-cultural communication and diversity awareness training to improve cultural intelligence.


Finally, understanding cultural etiquette/norm is essential to avoid misunderstandings and show respect for different cultural ingrained expectations.

Cross Cultural Competency Triangle

To create a significant and long-lasting set of new operating models on individual, team and organizational level, I always work with an assessment of the current and future desired state based on the Cross Cultural Competency Triangle.

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